Month: November 2011

WindyCon 38 – Best 3D Pro

Thanks WindyCon 38 for awarding “Morgor, the Dragon” the “Best 3D Pro” award.  You can commission a dragon head like this for your very own, click here for more details.

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WindyCon 38 – Best in Show

Thanks WindyCon 38 Art Show for this “Best in Show” award!  “Merger, The Dragon” was made of paper mache, foam, and super sculpey.  He is sold.  You can commission me to make a dragon head trophy for you, click here for more details.

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PhilCon 2011 – Best 3D Pro

Thanks PhilCon Art Show for awarding “Guardian at the Gate” the “Best 3D Pro” award.  Guardian at the Gate, the door knocker, is available in my on-line store.

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