Month: September 2015

Print Transport Boxes for Fellow Artists

Build a Box for your prints. Fits 11”x14” Prints Project Time: About 4 hours Materials Needed: Handles Corners and L bracket clamps Poly Web Straps Side Squeeze Buckles Luan Plywood/Hardwood Plywood Fiberglass Paneling Rivets: Grip Fast 50-Piece 3/16″ x 1/4″ Aluminum Rivet Staples: ½ inch Felt Cloth Deck drain flaps cut down Plastic Trim End …

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Why Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art?

A friend recently asked me why I had such a fascination with the art of the fantastic.  Why not paint landscapes of nature or explore abstract images or any number of other artistic avenues.  The question had a somewhat condescending tone to it.  He even hinted that he would be willing to represent me if …

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Dragon Con – 2015 Best 3D

Thanks Dragon Con art show for awarding me “Best 3D” for “Gryphon”, available now in my online store.

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