Month: October 2015

Nuvo Magazine – 2015 Best of Indy Award

Wow, I won a “Best of Indy” award for Best Local Visual 3D Artist.  Super big thanks to all my fans everywhere! I know one of you nominated me and you deserve an extra big thanks.  Also, special thanks to my friends at InConJunction, Indy’s original science fiction and fantasy convention, and thanks to Circle …

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Archon 39 – 2015 Best 3d Art Award

Thanks Archon 39 for awarding this piece, “Beware of Dragon”, the Best 3D Award.  “Beware of Dragon” is available now in my store.

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Archon 39 – 2015 Best Professional Art

Thank you, Archon 39, for awarding “Best Professional Art” to this piece entitled “Davy Jones’ Locker”.  Available now in my store, click here.

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