GenCon 2016 – We Have a Booth!

I am very pleased to announce that we, Lisa Sell and I under the name Dueling Dragons Designs, have a booth in GenCon 2016.  200 square feet of dragons, masks, dice boxes, card holders, wands, gryphons, and many other mythical beast will be on display for you to look at, admire and take home.  I know it is a long way off but that just gives us more time to plan our spectacular booth.  There will be another huge dragon and this time with animatronics and few other surprises that will blow your mind.  Yes, we are pointing to the outfield and we are going to knock this one out of the park.  So, mark your calendars with a “must see this booth” for 2016!  (Booth sketch by Lisa Sell)

GenCon Booth Design-web

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