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Saikoro will share her dragons hoard if you ask nicely. She may even grant you a lucky roll of the dice. This collectible replica comes with a set of high quality metal dice. 5"x4"x3". Hand sculpted and cast in resin by David, each one is hand painted in a variety of creative colors. A must have for the RPG players. Bring your dragon hoarder of dice treasure to your next game table.

Color: Pictured is the Monster Metallic Green color variation of Saikoro, the Dragon. The list of colors to choose from are loose suggestions and NOT precise categories. I try to paint with as much variation as possible even while trying to stay in the same general descriptive categories. This insures that your dragon is unique.

Dice: Currently I have but one color variation for the metal dice and that is the Iridescent color shown. This goes well with my painting techniques. I may, in the future, offer other choices.

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