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LunaCon 2016 – Guest of Honor’s Choice Award Plus 2 Others!

This one is a biggie for me!  My favorite author, Robert J. Sawyer was the Guest of Honor at Lunacon this March 18-20, and he picked my “Costeauian Evolution” for GOH choice award.  I am deeply honored.  If you would like to know why he is my favorite author just pick up one of his …

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Boskone 2016 – Judge’s Choice Award

Thanks Boskone Judges for this award.  And Thanks Boskone for your patronage!  This piece is entitled “Thorn“.

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Why Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art?

A friend recently asked me why I had such a fascination with the art of the fantastic.  Why not paint landscapes of nature or explore abstract images or any number of other artistic avenues.  The question had a somewhat condescending tone to it.  He even hinted that he would be willing to represent me if …

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