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Sculpting Vulcan

Here are my most recent photos of Vulcan, The Dragon.  He is a one of a kind sculpt using Apoxy Clay, a 2 part resin mixture that self cures over night.  He is approximately 2 feet tall.  Hand painted with acrylic.  Approximately 85 hours of work.  Price to be determined.

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Sindragosa – Private Commission

I received this commission while at Steel City Con back in December.  I began the sculpture with a piece of electrical conduit piping mounted to a piece of 3/4″ Plywood.  I roughed out the sculpt with aluminum foil and used Magic Sculpt, a 2 part epoxy resin clay, to skin the aluminum foil.  LED lights …

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WIP…Skeleton Dragon

Working on a commissioned piece, extra points if you know the game this dragon appears in.  I began by mounting a piece of bent conduit piping to a circle of 3/4″ plywood.  Then the general shape was roughed out in aluminum foil and Magic Scuplt, a 2 part epoxy resin clay, is used for the …

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