WindyCon 42 – 2015 Best of Show

WindyCon42 Best of Show Award

“You can blame the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation for making androids with GPP…Genuine People Personalities, So, I am so happy that I am depressed to announce that David Lee Pancake once again won Best of Show in the WindyCon 42 Art Show. Pardon me for breathing, which I never do anyway so I don’t know why I bother to say it, oh God, I’m so depressed.  Life! Don’t talk to me about life.” – Marvin, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (This years theme for Windycon 42)

Hey, I won, Thanks WindyCon 42 for another great year!  All was well until I had the auto accident, but, still very happy to have escaped with just minor injuries!  And now I have this award to remember how good the con was despite the accident!

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